Yag laser iridotomy

– Laser iridotomy is a short outpatient procedure, to treat or to prevent a certain type of glaucoma called ‘narrow angle glaucoma’.

In this condition, the drainage of fluid from within the eyeball to the blood system is impaired because the front compartment of the eye is unusually shallow. A laser iridotomy makes a very small hole in the iris (the coloured part of the eye). This can deepen the front compartment allowing the fluid to escape from the eye more freely reducing the pressure in the eye. It can also prevent attacks of severe glaucoma in the future.

The YAG Iridotomy Laser Procedure:

The treatment only takes a few minutes. Your pupil may be made smaller using eye drops. Some anaesthetic drops will be used in the eye. The doctor then focuses the laser beam on the iris and you will hear some clicks and beeps of the machine when the laser fires. The procedure is not usually painful. Usually only a few shots are needed to make the iridotomy. It is important to try to keep still during the procedure and to try not to jump after the laser fires.

Post Laser:

After the procedure, the doctor may put some eye drops and you are then free to go home.It is important not to drive to and from the hospital for this appointment because your vision may be slightly hazy post treatment.

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