Computerised Eye Power Testing

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By looking through the retinoscope, the doctor can study the light reflex of the pupil. Based on the movement and orientation of this retinal reflection, the refractive state of the eye is measured. An auto-refractor is a computerized instrument that shines light into an eye. The actual process of measurement involves sending a fine ray of infrared light into the eye to be reflected back from the retina. The light sensor in the machine detects the polarisation of the reflected light and compares it against the incident light. The badal lens now moves to equalize the polarization. The analog movement of the badal lens is captured by the computer and converted to digital reading. Of course modern machines employ much more complex designs and principles to be more accurate and the explanation of that is beyond the scope of this answer.

Also one needs to understand that the Auto-refractometer gives an objective measurement of refractive error but spectacles and contact lenses are given after subjective refraction- that is the power that the patient is comfortable checked by the optometrist/ophthalmologist with lenses. So human involvement is also required to prescribe you glasses. The Automated refraction just speeds up the process.

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